Every January, the Global Teaching Labs (GTL) program sends MIT students around the world to teach STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects at various schools.

Emily D, Emily M, Kelsey, and Shine are MIT undergraduate students teaching a two-week STEM workshop at Yeomyung School in Seoul, Korea during January 2018.

Emily D.

Bio coming soon!

Emily M. (Emu)

Emu started tutoring fellow students in high school as a volunteer in order to graduate. She has also volunteered in a children’s museum back home, ran a tutoring service for local students, mentored middle school girls in a computer science course, taught an algorithms course for high school students in Ethiopia and served as a lab assistant for various courses in college. She was part of the Yeomyung team last year and is excited to come back and bring new and innovative material this winter.


Kelsey has been excited about teaching ever since she started helping her kindergarten teacher “grade” homework. All she really did was place stickers on pieces of paper, but nevertheless, she found it enjoyable. Since then, she has brought physics and chemistry demonstrations to elementary schools, created online educational videos, introduced middle school girls to computer science, and taught Israeli and Palestinian high school students how to code. She is super excited to be working alongside Emily, Emu, and Shine this January as they put together an awesome STEM workshop for the students at Yeomyung.


Bio coming soon!