Biology Day

Week 2 started off with a morning dedicated to biology activities. Emily whipped out her signature microscope lab, which has been a hit for three consecutive years. The students had a blast competing against each other to locate specific objects on various bills and coins.

Students competing in the money-search competition

For the next activity, students learned about viruses and built their own models of the HIV and Zika viruses.

Paper models of viruses

The students also tried their hand at performing surgery…on bananas. Practicing interrupted and continuous stitches on bananas was definitely a crowd-favorite. Some students loved the activity so much that they wanted to know exactly when they could suture bananas again.

Interrupted stitches on a banana

We were fortunate enough to eat lunch with the Principal of Yeomyung School. Over lunch, we learned more about his professional background in education and more about Yeomyung. After lunch, he had a meeting with someone from Germany, which made a lot more sense after Shine explained to us Korea’s relationship with Germany after the Korean War.


Lunch with the Principal of Yeomyung School

In the afternoon, Emily taught the students how to use the Raspberry Pi camera. With just a few lines of code, the students were able to create their very own photo booth complete with assorted filters.

Using the Raspberry Pi camera

Biology day was a huge success, and I know for a fact that our students who were less technology-inclined really enjoyed the break from computer-related activities.

After class, the team enjoyed fried chicken at BHC (Better & Happier Choice) for dinner. Emu underwent some harsh criticism for ordering orange juice, though I heard it tasted delicious.

Fried chicken dinner at BHC

To end the day, Shine introduced us to coin karaoke. It’s just like normal karaoke/norebang, except you pay by song rather than by the hour. It’s perfect for smaller groups and youth.

Oh, how I wish coin karaoke existed in the US… Anyway, that’s a wrap for week 2 day 1!


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